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The MMT Podcast with Patricia Pino & Christian Reilly

Jul 8, 2021

Our next full episode will be out on 21st July 2021, but in the meantime please enjoy this conversation.


Jayne Flanagan and Dallas Lewis of Modern Money Australia host a conversation between comedian and actor Luke McGregor and Professor Bill Mitchell about all things MMT, their experience in the media, and how MMT advocates might best take charge of the media narrative.


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“MMT and the media: Taking charge of the narrative

In households across Australia we see a startling increase in the incidence of 'shouting-at-the-telly'. Experts say there's a strong correlation between 'shouting-at-the-telly' and the rise in the understanding of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). Monitoring the hoarse throats of "telly-shouters" experts note that the telly brims full of talking heads fear-mongering about 'tax-payers money', 'the debt burden on future generations' and 'the government going broke'. Very concerning.


But seriously, a free and independent media is a bulwark of a healthy, functioning democracy. Increasing attention is being paid to MMT in the media, particularly since the onset of this Covid era. Yet questions about media 'group think' and independence are being brought to the fore by a stubborn bias towards the false, orthodox, neoliberal economic narrative of 'sound finance' and fiscal austerity. A bias that is to the detriment (and ire) of us all.


Our guest, Luke McGregor, actor and writer on the highly acclaimed comedy, Rosehaven, and comedian well-known on the stand-up circuit, has fortunately become a champion of MMT in the media. His Lukenomics segment, 'Will Australia Ever Run Out of Money?' on Charlie Pickering's The Weekly and his recent appearance on ABC's Q&A program being wonderful examples of his efforts.


In this webinar, Luke McGregor and Professor Bill Mitchell, founding MMT scholar, economist, academic, author, prolific blogger and founder of MMTeD, will have a conversation about all things MMT, their experience in the media and how we might best take charge of the media narrative.”


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