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The MMT Podcast with Patricia Pino & Christian Reilly

May 10, 2023

Patricia & Christian talk to Daniel Kostzer, chief economist at the International Trade Union Confederation and contributor to “Modern Monetary Theory: Key Insights, Leading thinkers” about his chapter, which revisits Argentina’s 2002 Jefes de Hogar employment guarantee programme, and details considerations to be...

May 6, 2023

As the UK celebrates the coronation of its most famous pensioner and its central bank tells everybody else to accept being poor, Patricia and Christian continue their conversation about Stephanie Kelton’s best-seller, The Deficit Myth and ask: can the world’s 5th richest economy afford dignity for all, or just those...

Apr 17, 2023

Patricia & Christian talk to Richard Tye, contributor to the recently-published “MMT: Key Insights, Leading thinkers”, about his chapter: “Credit and The Exchequer since the Restoration”.

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Apr 14, 2023

For currency-issuing governments, taxes for revenue are obsolete, so what *are* they for? Patricia & Christian talk to economist and author Dr Dirk Ehnts about the role of taxation in modern money systems, banking regulation, inflation, new eurozone fiscal rule proposals, and more.


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Apr 6, 2023

Christian talks to Edward Cornell Professor of Law, public finance consultant, and author of “Financing The Green New Deal” Robert Hockett about the recent collapses in the banking system and how to make banks work for people, rather than the other way around.


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