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The MMT Podcast with Patricia Pino & Christian Reilly

Feb 22, 2023

What is money, where does it come from and why is it important?


Patricia & Christian talk to award-winning primary MMT academic Professor L. Randall Wray about his latest book “Making Money Work For Us” and his part in the new academic collaboration “Modern Monetary Theory - Key Insights, Leading Thinkers.”


Feb 17, 2023

Part 5: Patricia and Christian continue their conversation about Stephanie Kelton’s best-seller The Deficit Myth.


In this episode: what does it mean for a nation to “win” or “lose” at trade?


As the global 99% are pitted against each other in an increasingly gigified international job market, who’s...

Feb 9, 2023

According to multi award-winning economist Professor James K. Galbraith, the new book, “Modern Monetary Theory: Key Insights, Leading Thinkers” is ‘a landmark in the development of MMT, a boon for “useful” economists - and a profound challenge to all the others.’

Patricia and Christian talk to the architects...