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The MMT Podcast with Patricia Pino & Christian Reilly

Jul 29, 2020

Patricia and Christian talk to Professor Richard Murphy about monetary operations, tax justice, and the UK government’s standoff with the NHS regarding finances.

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Richard’s articles:

Some basic lessons for the Governor of the Bank of England, who seems to be in dire need of them:

At long last the government can borrow straight from the Bank of England – as modern monetary theory has always suggested it should:

Modern monetary theory says that the state has the ability to create and maintain the value in money and most left of centre economists appear to be repulsed by that:

Randy Wray on modern monetary theory and tax:

From modern monetary theory to modern taxation theory: a debate to be had:

Richard’s youtube channel:

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Ep 4 (with Fadhel Kaboub):

Ep 47 (with Pavlina Tcherneva):

Transcript of opening monologue: