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The MMT Podcast with Patricia Pino & Christian Reilly

Feb 17, 2023

Part 5: Patricia and Christian continue their conversation about Stephanie Kelton’s best-seller The Deficit Myth.


In this episode: what does it mean for a nation to “win” or “lose” at trade?


As the global 99% are pitted against each other in an increasingly gigified international job market, who’s “we” and what is “winning”?


In an effort to dodge their responsibility for domestic unemployment, politicians have become very adept at mesmerising electorates with trade three-card Monte - focusing our attention on jobs and potential income flowing overseas, when a focus on real goods and services flowing *in* from the rest of the world reveals that trade deficits actually *improve* living standards for importing nations in real terms.


Nevertheless, in pursuit of political “wins”, leaders squander actual wins in pursuit of arbitrary economic indicators with the only economic management tool they think they have: unemployment.


Understanding modern money shows how we can truly succeed without sacrificing people or the planet.




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