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Reknr hosts: The MMT Podcast

Oct 12, 2018

Patricia and Christian chat with Richard Murphy, economist and author of The Joy Of Tax, about what the UK government deficit actually is: your money! We also talk about Corbynomics, Labour's Fiscal Credibility rule and the difference between fiscal policy and monetary policy.

Sep 27, 2018

Patricia and Christian chat with Dr Steven Hail, MMT economist and author of "Economics for Sustainable Prosperity" about where your money goes when you pay your taxes. Spoiler alert: nowhere! Also under discussion: the difference between price shocks and inflation, the irrational assumptions of orthodox economists...

Jul 8, 2018

Christian Reilly and Patricia Pino interview leading US activist Rohan Grey on the efforts to push through a job guarantee. How does it compare to a Universal Basic income (UBI)?